Do you have an item of Amateur Radio equipment for sale?

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Then complete the form below and we will review your request and if acceptable add your item for sale into the second hand items category of our store.

Terms of using this service.

HAMtronics is happy to provide this service free of charge but in order to list your item you must agree to the following terms & conditions.

HAMtronics will list an item for sale in the UK only. If someone wishes to purchase the item will put you in touch with them directly to complete the transaction. The final sale of the item is a contract between you and the buyer. HAMtronics do not form any part of the sale contract, nor accept any liability as to the validity of the advertisement, payment for the goods or the condition of the goods sold via this service.

HAMtronics accepts no responsibility for the payment of the goods between you and the buyer and we do not offer any form of collection or delivery service (unless agreed via prior arrangement)

This service is purely a free advertisement service for you to list Amateur Radio related items for sale to other members of the public.

We reserve the right to vet every submission and politely decline any item we do not feel is suitable for listing via our website.

Please note if you do not accept all of these terms & conditions please do not submit an item for listing.
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