Repeater Timeout V2 Project Kit (Special EH Version)



As this project was inspired by EssexHam I have released a special edition version as a thank you. Technically the same as Version 2 of the HAMtronic kit with all the same features and components supplied.

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Version 2 of our Repeater Time out kit, which uses an Arduino Nano allowing for software updates and user own tweaks.

This HAMtronic kit, the repeater timeout, gives a visual and audio indication that you are about to exceed the repeater time out. Can be set to 1,2,3 or 4 minute timer simply by moving the jumper on the header pins. Times can be changed via coding.  This unit will detect your RF signal when you transmit it is a completely standalone product, no connection to your radio is required. By picking up the local strong RF signal on VHF/UHF, simply attach a small length of wire to the antenna pin.

Based on the Arduino Nano, this project kit comes pre installed with the code, so you do not need a computer to program it. A sensitivity adjuster is provided to tweak the settings for your particular environment.

Designed to work with handheld radios transmitting > 5W, also works by wrapping several turns of wire around your transceivers Coax cable as close to the feeder point of the transceiver, for fixed based radios.

Full colour instructions are available online when you purchase this kit that will guide you through the installation of the components one by one. Then simply provide between 6 and 12v (13.8V from your radio power supply is suitable) or use a USB cable.

Unit Operation

  • 4 LED’s show remaining time.
  • Green – more than 30 seconds remaining
  • Amber – comes on with less than 30 seconds remaining
  • Red – Last 10 seconds , red LED flashes and a slow beep starts, double speed beep in the last 5 seconds.
  • Timeout hit: All LED’s flash and a warning multitone plays until you stop your transmission.
  • Blue – Flashses brightly along with audio beep, no missing the timeout warning!
  • Audio and visual confirmation when you change the timeout period by moving the jumper connector.

Mounting holes provided along with PCB mounting spacers and screws.

LED’s can be mounted on the reverse side if you want to panel mount the PCB inside a box, as shown in the instructions.

Just 19 components to solder onto the PCB.

Great little project for Amateur Radio users from beginner through to the advanced operator.


Kit Contains

  • 1 x PCB ready for soldering
  • 1x Arudino Nano – Pre Programmed
  • 4x 3mm LED’s (Green, Amber, Red, Blue)
  • 4x Resistors
  • 1x Trimmer pot
  • 1x Diode
  • 1x Piezo Buzzer
  • 1x strip of male header pins
  • 1x Pin Jumper





Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 5 cm