HAMTronics.uk Long Wire Antenna Kit 80m-10m


HAMTronics.uk LongWire Multiband Antenna (80M-10M) with 9:1 Matching transformer. Perfect for portable operating or small gardens.

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Introducing the HAMTronics.uk Multiband “Random Length” Long wire antenna. (Although it’s not random at all!)

Designed for portable operations or situations where you are not able to get a full-length antenna in at home. These can be set up in a multitude of configurations, Sloper, Inverted-V, Inverted-L, around the top of the fence, attached to the tree at the end of the garden! meaning you can get on the HF bands no matter what space you have. The antenna is just 16.1M long. These units need to be earthed only in order to discharge static build-up on the wire as the wind blows over it. No counterpoise is required, although you can use one to help reduce the return RF on the coax cable. Experimentation on your location is key as every location will have different properties.

An SWR below 1.9:1* across 80-40-20-17-15-12-10 M bands means that internal tuners can handle any of the HF bands with ease.

Hand-built by myself in the UK, each unit is tested and tuned in the inverted V configuration ensuring you can get on the air quickly.

Package includes

1 x Antenna Matching box with FT140-43 9:1 un-un autotransformer(up to 100w SSB). SO259 connector, 2x twist-lock banana sockets (antenna and earth)
Tested at 1.01 SWR and 50.5 ohms with a test 450 ohm load.

1 x 18M of SotaBeams purpose-made antenna wire (16.1 meters are required but extra allows for adjustments)

1 x 2.5M(approx) of paracord to attach the end of the antenna to a suitable fixed point.

1 x 3D Printed wire spool with easy deployment pivoting Keeps your antenna from getting tangled like Christmas Lights!

1 x Instruction print out on set up and tuning.

* Your SWR will vary depending on many factors at your own installation location, different configurations and adjustment of the length may be required to achieve the same results.

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