HAMPI – Preloaded SD card with Raspberry PI and HAM Software


Preloaded SD Card with Raspberry PI and a range of HAM radio software. Currently not compatible with Rpi 4. Only 3B and below

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Take away the hassle of installing all of the software onto an SD Card with this preloaded SD Card for the Raspberry PI (Model 2,3,3b,3b+)

Installed and tested Kingston 16GB SD card preloaded with the following software.

  1. RASPBIAN Stretch – updated Aug 2021
  2. Flarq – File Sending protocol
  3. Fldigi – Digital mode software
  4. Flrig – Control your radio
  5. QSSTV – Slow Scan TV
  6. wsjtx – FT8 and other modes
  7. Grid Tracker – World map view of wsjtx transmissions
  8. SDR Receiver – List using a USB RTLDVB Dongle
  9. ADSB Server – track aircraft using the RTLDVB Dongle
  10. Xlog – Amateur Radio Logging software
  11. GPredict, Satellite pass information and tracking software


Simply insert this card into you existing RaspberryPi and connect a screen, keyboard and mouse to start using all the above software without having to worry about the installation process.

Add an SDR DVBT Dongle and you have a fully functional SDR Radio receiver and ADSB Aircraft Tracker.

Please note this product is for the preloaded SD Card ONLY. See other listings for complete kits that include the SDR dongle and the Raspberry Pi SBC. The software has been loaded as of Aug 2021, but updates are provided by the software provider directly. Please note HAMtronics.uk does not provide support on the updating or use of these software products. Please contact the software vendor directly.

This is currently NOT compatible with the Rpi 4, which uses a different boot loader.


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