Raspberry HAMPI – Complete SDR Receiver KIT


Complete Raspberry Pi Kit including SDR Dongle. SD card is preloaded with all the software for the Amateur Radio Operator.

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This product is the complete kit to set up a Raspberry PI SDR Radio receiver. Simply unbox and plug in to start receiving radio signals and track Aircraft via ADSB signals.

Kit includes

  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • SD Card-Kingston 16gb preloaded with all the software (see below)
  • USB DVB-T 820T2 SDR Dongle with antenna
  • 2.5A 5v Power Supply

Software is pre-installed and configured ready to go with the SDR Dongle. Software included :

  1. RASPBIAN Stretch – updated to 10th June 2021
  2. Flarq – File Sending protocol
  3. Fldigi – Digital mode software
  4. Flrig – Control your radio
  5. QSSTV – Slow Scan TV
  6. wsjtx – FT8 and other modes
  7. Grid Tracker – World map view of wsjtx transmissions
  8. SDR Receiver – List using a USB RTLDVB Dongle
  9. ADSB Server – track aircraft using the RTLDVB Dongle
  10. Xlog – Amateur Radio Logging software

Everything you need to set up a Raspberry PI SDR radio receiver, ADSB tracker or even a Radio Control platform for /P working.

Note: Requires you to initially connect via an HDMI screen with a keyboard and mouse to enter your WIFI credentials. You can then use the VNC server to connect headlessly from your main laptop or computer and operate remotely.


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