3D Printing service from HAMtronics.uk

Do you have a part you would like printed but don’t have a 3D printer. Well HAMtronics.uk now offers a 3D printing service to help out.

Maybe you just need a small, one off piece printed. Or maybe you are building a project and want a customised box to put it in.

We can print your item and you can collect from Chelmsford, Essex. We can post it or can even arrange collection from any of the radio  clubs or events HAMtronics.uk are attending.

We can print up to a size of
230x230x300mm (W/L/H)

Our Simple 5 Step Process

Simple pricing.

Quotations are calculated from the 3d Print files once we receive them. 

Price is calculated based on the length of filament required plus the time it will take to print. We don’t charge for our time, just for the materials and electricity to run the printer.

Here are a few examples of prices. 


Snap together Raspberry PI 3 Case.

This print model is a popular one. Printed in two parts (can be different colours) and snap together to protect your Raspberry Pi.

Print Price £6.67
Print Time: 4 hrs

20M/30M/40M Ground Plane

An Amateur Radio Ground Plane and Loading Coil for 20M/30M/40M

Print Price £9.40
Print Time: 7 hrs


Final Pricing is only calculated upon sending us your 3D Print as we calculate the price based on the amount of filament and the time it will take to print your model. 

Base price £3.00
  – small amount to cover my time in setting up the printer and removing the print and checking quality.

Material Cost 70p / 10grams (PLA)
  – The PLA I use is not cheap stuff off Ebay, I use RIGID INKS which have always produced good results for me, but comes at a higher cost.

Time Cost 10p/hour
  –  This covers the electricity and printer maintenance which is based on the time your print will take. Time can fluctuate depending on the layer height and complexity, more complex high details are printed with lower layer height and slower 30mm/s print speed but this gives excellent detailing. 


Why not send us your STL files and we will send you a no Obligation Quotation back via email.

Request Quotation

So we can send you your quotation.
0.4mm is quite big, but it is good ok for simple boxes or draft prints. The main benefit is the quicker printing time.
0.2mm is good for most structural prints, select this if you are not sure.
0.1mm will allow finer modelling for small or high detail models but will double the print time.
We will notify you if we do not have your colour in stock and can either wait an extra few days or select another colour when ordering.
We will be introducing other materials in the future.
Select your infill amount, unless you specifically require extra strength 15% is normal infill amount, giving a good balance between strength and material/print time.
Enter quantity, please note this will be applied to ALL files submitted. If you need different quantities of specific files, please let us know in the Special Requests
If you want to submit multiple STL files, please add them to a ZIP file and upload the ZIP file.
If you need multiple quantities of a specific file, just let us know here. Also let us know any special requests.