March Updates

Well here we are mid way through March already! Just back from 2 week holiday and fresh and ready to start on the new projects.

One exciting project that will be turned into a Kit is the Morse Code tutor and decoder. I took a prototype to my local club, when the CW guys saw it there was lots of mumblings and pointing, “that won’t decode anything”, “probably only does 12wpm”… Anyway, after I got them to test it we proved it was decoding pretty well up to 30wpm. It was also decoding ok, someone using a straight key, although it was better with a paddle.

Well that’s a good start. Now I will continue to build the menus and features to make it into a trainer. With various lessons and modes of operation. Waiting for a new 4x20LCD display to arrive to try it with a bigger screen. Currently using a 2×16 LCD small, but cheaper too…

Once I’ve tweaked the code some more and decided on the best way to access the menus, then I will design the boards and enclosures and put the kits up on the website for others to purchase. Expected before end of April.

In other news, The Arduino KISS TNC kits are coming along and the first batch should be available in a couple of weeks.

Remember, if you have an idea for a project kit, get in contact using the link at the bottom of the page. I would be happy to talk to you or your club about putting the ideas into production. You might even get mentioned in Radcom and Practical Wireless!